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Clueless about credit? Not to worry, by the end of this course you'll be a pro. Get all the tools you need to build an impressive credit score to qualify for loans, credit cards, mortgages and even jobs.

The Credit Package

What's in the Credit Package?

The Credit Package is a self-paced course consisting of 7 parts. In each section of the package we walk you through the different basics of the World of Credit, and how to navigate it. The chosen medium of Frich Premium packages is short videos - something we're all interacting with daily. Each section is also complete with a short quiz to help you with knowledge retention, as well as helpful cheat-sheets, questionnaires and to-do lists. In short - it's a Credit Package.

Why do I need to learn about credit?

A big part of growing up is realizing that credit rules pretty much everything around us. Want financial freedom? Better have a credit card. Want a credit card? Better have a good credit score. Want a good credit score? Better have good credit history. And it isn't just a future mortgage or car loan you need to be worried about, your credit score is even used to determine whether you are suitable to rent an apartment or apply for a job! Did you know, that 72% of employers run a credit check on all new hires, and 29% of them use it as a method to filter applicants? It's tough out there, but we're here to help.

What if I'm still confused?

Not to worry, it can be difficult to take in so much new information at once. Whether you prefer visuals, audio or reading - we have made sure to cover all different styles of learning, but if you still have questions, then why not ask a professional? Did you know that you can set up an introductory call with one of our Money Coaches for completely free? They will be happy to walk you through any topics you are struggling with! Find out more here.

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