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Become a master of your success (with just a little help). 

Let’s be honest - almost all of our life goals come with a price tag. Want to retire early? Get a Master's degree? Cuddle with a miniature poodle? You need to plan ahead to afford all of these. However, most of us are not set up for success. With barely any financial education in schools, and money still being a taboo topic (even among friends and family), most of us are clueless about how to achieve our biggest dreams.

Our Frich money coaches are here to inform and empower you to make smart financial decisions, and to feel confident in your own money management. Unlike financial advisors, money coaches can be very accessible and affordable for all types of budgets. A networth of millions is not a requirement, BUT you might walk away with one 😉

Speak to one of our money
coaches already today!

It’s never been easier, Frich Premium puts you in touch with the real pros. Simply choose a coach you’d like to get to know, a time that suits you, and start your journey towards success with a FREE intro call now, wherever you are!


Kristina is a former Wall Street Software Engineer and Sales Trader. She then became the first woman to be hired at her current FinTech company. In the peak of the Pandemic, Kristina created @femmefinancenyc to help inspire and educate young people, especially young women to invest and learn about personal finance and crypto currency.


She is extremely passionate in providing accessible and digestible financial information to decrease barriers of entry in the financial sector. 


After graduating from college, Mariah found herself 60k in debt. Even after making good money and  working 50 hour weeks, she was unable to save and found herself more and more in debt. This is where her journey towards better awareness and money mindset started. Now, debt-free, she guides others to do the same by changing the way they see and feel about money, as well as helping them find confidence and clarity.

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