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The Beginner's Guide to Investment

Ready to start your journey into investing? Who better to learn from than an actual pro?! Kristina is a former Wall Street Software Engineer and Sales Trader turned Money Coach. Find out everything you need to know and even have a one-on-one follow-up call with Kristina herself! The Beginner's Guide to Investing is a self-paced course consisting of 5 parts. In each section of the package your guide walks you through the different basics of the World of Investing, and how to navigate it. The chosen medium of Frich Premium packages is short videos - something we're all interacting with daily. Each section is also complete with a short quiz to help you with knowledge retention, as well as helpful cheat-sheets, questionnaires and to-do lists. Unlike other courses out there, we like to make things personal! Included in this package is also a 1-on-1 call with Kristina herself, where you can ask any questions you may still have about investing!



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